Thursday, April 21, 2011

Sarah Clark - Florence, Italy. March 31-April 2 - Ponte Vecchio

Florence is a city filled with awe-inspiring architecture, scrumptious gelato and handmade leather goods. Because we stayed in Florence for three days, we had the opportunity to go on not one, but two different guided walking tours of the city. On these tours, we saw so much of Florence that by the end of our stay, we knew our way around the city. One of the stops on the walking tour was the Ponte Vecchio bridge. Ponte Vecchio, which literally translates to "Old Bridge," is a Medieval bridge over the Arno River. Along the bridge are tons of little stores, mainly jewelers, art dealers, and souvenir shops. The segmental bridge has an interesting history. It was built and rebuilt multiple times. It first appeared in document in 996. It was destroyed in a flood in 1117 and rebuilt but then swept away again in 1333. The bridge that stands today was completed in 1345. Even though we only got to spend a few minutes on the bridge, it was a cool place to experience and a fun place to shop for souvenirs.

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