Thursday, April 14, 2011

Amber Sass - Seville, Spain - March 17,18

After four beauty filled days in Portugal we made our way back into southern Spain. This time to Seville. Spain is known for bull fighting, tapas, and flamenco dancing. Unfortunately bull fighting was out of season so we couldn’t go, but tapas and flamenco dancing were in full swing. Tapas are small plates of food. You usually will order three-four plates to be satisfied. After eating a few plates of tapas the flamenco dancers came out. They were dressed in their traditional outfits. The women were in dresses with ruffles along the bottom edge. Flamenco is a mix between salsa and tap dancing. The two women went separately. The first one to go was very passionate and every muscle from her fingers to her toes was tense and very controlled with every movement. The second woman was also very passionate, but she did more tap dancing than stomping. After the two women had their solos they did a routine together. After they finished four younger people, three girls and one guy, went up to the stage and did their own routine. They were dressed in street clothes and it seemed to be an improved routine. Unfortunately we did not get a chance to ask them if they worked there or if they were just locals that go to see the show a lot. The flamenco show was extremely moving and I am so happy that we were able to see this part of Spanish culture.

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