Thursday, April 21, 2011

Alexi Knock - Capri, Italy - April 7

On a sunny Thursday, the group decided to venture from Sorrento to the island of Capri. While waiting for the ferry to the famous island, we started a beach volleyball game on the warm sand. Although there wasn’t a net, we were able to have a great game while Italian sun-bathers cheered us on. After the short ferry ride across the Tyrrhenian Sea, we arrived on the beautiful island. Instead of following the crowd and taking the public boat, we negotiated with two sailors in order to get a private tour on their boats. They took us around to the Blue Grotto and Green Grotto, where we were able to explore the caves and even jump into the sea. Each limestone sea stack jutting out from the water was unique and seemed to hold shapes of animals, people, and objects. The sun hit the sea in a way that gave it a beautiful glisten that complimented the surrounding rocks. We passed multi-million dollar villas on the mountains that only celebrities and CEOs could afford. We spent two hours jumping in and out of the boats, lying in the sun, and talking with the tour guides about the European Union and how it affects their lives in Italy. Our day in Capri was one of the most relaxing, pleasant, and painstakingly beautiful days we’ve had on the trip so far, and I hope to one day return to that perfect island.

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