Thursday, April 21, 2011

Nadir Kahn - Florence, Italy, March 31-April 2- San Lorenzo Market

On our second day in Florence, we strolled over to the famous tourist site: the San Lorenzo Market. At first, we thought that the stands were going to be filled with tacky touristic merchandise that was made anywhere but Italy, but we were wrong for the most part. Many of the stands featured authentic Italian leather goods and Italian carnival masks, alongside the usual touristy t-shirts that say “I Love Italy” and the abundance of magnets and key chains. Even though the market is open all week long, we were still able to bargain down prices during the markets’ daily close. On our tour of Florence, we passed by the notable Porcellino (Little Pig) Market which is located on the south side of the market. The market features the wild boar fountain, which was created in 1612 by Pietro Taccas. Legend states that if you rub the pig statue’s snout, it means that you will return to Florence.

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