Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sarah Clark

Today we travelled to St. Malo, a small but culture-dense seaport town located along the northwest coast of France. It is an adorable place, filled with quaint shops selling nautical outfits, postcards, and knick-knacks. The castle-like structure of the place gives visitors the opportunity to stand on top and look out on a gorgeous view of the English Channel. But the wall surrounding the village is not simply there for show. Saint Malo was a fortified city during the Middle Ages. At one point, St. Malo was declared an independent republic by its people. The wall served as both boundary and protection. Despite the rich historical context and the beauty of the place, the weather was freezing. In addition to the challenge that the weather posed, our group arrived during the awkward time of day when Europeans typically break for lunch. Because of this, we had some difficulty finding a place that would serve us food. In the end, we found an intimate café and sipped on hot chocolate and small pastries. Despite the weather and the difficulty in finding food, St. Malo is a beautiful and peaceful town, and we had a wonderful time exploring its winding streets.

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