Tuesday, March 15, 2011

March 1 - Amber Sass

After one day of traveling and another day of seeing the major sites it was about time we went to a museum. Musee D’orsay was the perfect place. It is an old train station that was converted into a museum. It had plenty to offer. There was anything and everything from Van Gogh to Renoir and from Rosseau to Carpeaux. Even if you do not appreciate art, it is hard to find something that you don’t like. This museum was petit compared to the MET making it very easy to see it all. It did not feel overwhelming in the slightest. From there we went straight to Mont Mart. Mont Mart is a town on the highest point of Paris. The view was breath taking; everyone should go in their lifetime. It is so unique. You could see all of Paris including the Pantheon and the Eiffel Tower. There was another grand cathedral on the top of the hill, Sacre Coeur. The inside was covered with illuminating stained glass windows. The village felt like a scene from a movie. There were street artists, galleries, bakeries, and restaurants. Everyone was trying to sell their art, but they were not overbearing, but extremely nice. It was such a fantasy being there.

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