Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Nadir Khan - March 2

The French Countryside

After leaving Paris (our first destination on the trip) we make our journey to Mont Saint Michel passing through the diverse and breathtaking views of the French countryside. When we think of France, Paris’ rich history and culture usually come to mind first, leaving us a rather homogenized view of the country. I was amazed to see the vast amount of green fields and huge trees in which the cows, goats, and horses grazed. The fields looked, felt, and smelt pure in every sense, so much so that it felt as if it wasn’t touched by the manmade world. This meant no heavy pollution, globalization, or tacky tourist sites. It was interesting to see how each area along the way differed from one another. Some areas had mom-and-pop restaurants while others had a combination of barns and grazing cows. All in all the French countryside provides the traveler with a different view of France, one that should be explored.

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